Photo by Edward Brown.
Vibe Taco, 3201 S University Dr, FW. 817-710-8828. 4pm-10pm Tue-Wed, 4pm-midnight Thu-Sat.

Anyone who frequents the TCU area has probably seen Vibe Taco, the nearly 2-year-old restaurant located off University Drive just north of Bluebonnet Circle. On a recent visit, parking at the adjacent garage was a breeze. The space was surprisingly empty.

“Everyone is preparing for finals,” the waiter told me, adding that Vibe would be packed by the evening with undergrads looking to unwind in the company of margaritas, mixed drinks, and shots.

The single large room with a large bar at the back plus long rows of tall tables and a few arcade games in the corner is primed to appease Horned Frogs. The bar menu features cocktails, bottled and draft beers, and pitchers and towers of margaritas, seltzers, and several shots. I sprung for a shot of Green Tea, which arrived as a generous pour of Irish whiskey with peach schnapps. The greenish liquor (likely colored by a sweet and sour mix) had a strong peachy scent. Every sip was a lovely blend of whiskey and melon flavors.


The tacos, all served on lightly charred flour tortillas, did not disappoint. The chicken in the fajita taco was juicy and lightly spiced, and the smatterings of diced onions and cilantro were fresh and zesty. The brisket taco, beefy and tender, put the generous mound of meat front and center with only bits of onion and cilantro as garnish. The LV (Los Vaqueros) beef taco pays homage to the popular local Tex-Mex chain famed for its slow-cooked beef stew. The same lovely beefy soup is the centerpiece of this taco, and the richly flavored ensemble works surprisingly well.

The real treat during my visit was the Saw’d Off Taco. Two breaded and fried chicken tenders came covered with thick queso and pico de gallo. The mix of juicy poultry, spicy pico, and creamy cheese was a trifecta of complementary flavors.

The restaurant offers several appetizers, including mac ’n’ cheese bites. These 10 dense, golden-fried nuggets came out steaming hot. Crispy on the outside and filled with gooey American cheese and elbow macaroni, the nugs benefited from dunks in the accompanying side of ranch dressing. The Hurricane Fries could easily feed two. The mound of lightly seasoned tots were covered in melted cheddar cheese, and topping the hot, gooey mess were generous chunks of tender brisket and freshly diced cilantro, onions, and tomato, which made for a lively and filling app.

Apparently, Vibe Taco takes on a party vibe in the evenings as TCU students descend, but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out. I got what I was looking for — scrumptious tacos — so I was happy to leave the margarita towers for the young folks.


Vibe Taco
TX brisket taco $3.75
Chicken fajita taco $3.75
LV beef taco $3.75
Saw’d Off taco $3.99
Mac ’n’ cheese bites $8
Hurricane Fries $13
Green Tea shot $6
The brisket and fajita chicken tacos, packed with juicy meat and garnished with fresh cilantro and onions, are neither overly garnished nor overly filling.
Photo by Edward Brown.
One of several shots on the drink menu, Vibe’s Green Tea is smooth and fruity.
Photo by Edward Brown.
Fried chicken, queso, and pico de gallo make for a tasty and filling taco experience.
Photo by Edward Brown.
Vibe’s mac ’n’ cheese bites are crispy on the outside and gooey within.
Photo by Edward Brown.
The Hurricane Fries are delicious — and plentiful.
Photo by Edward Brown.


  1. When they were a food truck in Alvarado, they were my Friday go-to. Glad to see they’re having success! I still haven’t made it to the University location but will.