It’s time for our annual deep dive into our local culinary scene, and why not now? With patio season upon us and all the openings and closings that peppered the previous 365 days or so possibly behind us, we thought we might as well take our temperature. Spoiler alert: Things are looking up, and I’m not just saying that as just another Pollyannish annoyance. Read more about it in our feature story ‘Soul on a Plate.’

No matter what’s happening in the boardrooms, which are probably more like casual bars these days, there’s still a ton of foodstuff action to be had in town. And there are recipes to tackle (see Serving Spring). And bands to see when filling our bellies (see Tasty Licks). And Easter brunches to enjoy (see Ate Day8 a Week). And, well, the list goes on. Just tie on your bib and jump onin.

As my old man used to say, “Mangia!” —Anthony Mariani

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