Hunka Hunka Burning bin Laden

Posted June 1, 2009 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

So, the U.S. has al Qaeda on the run, huh? Wonder if they’ll fetch Osama bin Laden while there at it. Is anybody even looking anymore? You’d think the mega-bounty on the al Qaeda leader’s head would motivate somebody.

If you’re short on cash and could use $25 mill, a report released in February suggests bin Laden is probably hiding in a protected compound near the Pakistan border.

Now that George W. Bush is unemployed, maybe he could use the money. He’s a tough-talking Texan who believes in “mission accomplished.” He should do what O.J. Simpson so valiantly did – spend all his free hours searching for a killer on the loose.

Then again, an article here says you’re more likely to discover Elvis alive than bin Laden.



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