Whatever Will Grunt Will Grunt

Posted July 28, 2009 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

An MSN article today mentions five life lessons that come up most among people aged 65 to 104:

1. The simple things matter most.
2. Humor and time cure most pains.
3. There’s more satisfaction in giving than getting.
4. Choose your spouse carefully. It will be your most important decision.
5. Work hard and in a field or role that you enjoy.

Those rules probably go without saying, but a reminder never hurts. Carpe diem mantras have been around forever to remind everybody to chill out.

The great orator caveman Stonaclopoles once said “grunt grunt, gruuunt grunt-grunt grnnnnt” which translates to this.

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    I love how she is banging on an instrument you can’t even hear in the song.

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