Music Awards Ballot Ready For Voters

Posted May 26, 2011 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

The nominees for this year’s Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards are listed on the ballot here.

Cast your votes for Tarrant County’s most killer bands, and plan on attending our big awards festival on June 26.

Glancing over the nominees, I see the Pop category includes two former American Idols — Tim Halperin and Casey James (not to be confused with The Casey Damn James Band).

My personal fave Telegraph Canyon is in Americana/Roots Rock.

Oh, and Raging Boner popped up again in the Hardcore category. How appropriate.

Fort Worth’s best songwriter, James Michael Taylor, was left out of the Songwriter category this year. He’s the most overlooked tunesmith around. He takes no comfort in knowing that perhaps one day, long after he’s dead, he’ll be appreciated by the public for his astounding body of work. He’d rather hear about it now. Cornell Dupree (nominated posthumously in the Hall of Fame category) probably felt the same way.

Oh well, like Tom T. Hall once said about music: “There ain’t no money in it and it’ll lead you to an early grave.”





    I’d have liked to see the legit blues musician Casey James nominated under the blues/americana category, an early taste of his original work makes his soon-to-be released cd the most anticipated effort this year.


    I totally agree about James Michael. I’ve known him since 75 and seen his body of work grow and continue to amaze me. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him make a comeback this year. I just got his latest four CDs and so far I have been pleased with not only the diversity but the recording creativity that is a part of James Michael Taylor. The collection entitled “Sunday Afternoon” is particularly interesting and I plan on doing the start to finish on it again on my next 50 mile trip.
    Oh, and I like Casey James too and have been following his career, he’s got a lot of talent and will probably make somebody wealthy, hopefully himself.

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