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Welcome to Earthquake Country

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Music” feature is a profile of Fort Worth singer-songwriter Jason Worley, who recently released a quietly compelling and seriously playful album called Diaspora under the name Earthquake Country. It’s not q...


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
This year, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s Teen Artist Project had six local artists mentor 15 talented teenage artists from the area to help them create new works.

Sequels Galore

The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hangover, and Kung Fu Panda franchises keep growing.
Admit it: If you like a movie and a sequel comes out, you’ll probably go see it, even though everyone knows sequels usually suck. I loved Iron Man, but for various reasons, its follow-up didn’t knock my socks off. For every...

So Long, and Thanks for All the Chicken-Fried

Everybody breathe a sigh of relief: This is my very last Chow, Baby column ever.

Putting the Bite on Education

Outside legal fees aren’t helping the Fort Worth school district with its red ink problem.
Last December, Fort Worth schools trustee Ann Sutherland, worried that the district was about to lose its chance to protest the drilling of a gas well within 200 feet of T.A. Sims Elementary School, filled out a one-page docume...

So Long, and Thanks for All the Chicken-Fried

Chow, Baby and Christy Goldfinch
Everybody breathe a sigh of relief: This is my very last Chow, Baby column ever.

Memorial Day Weekend

Big Ticket
First off, don’t forget to pay respect to our brave servicemen and -women this weekend. You wouldn’t have the opportunity to act the fool this weekend without them. Secondly, if you’re gonna act the fool, take a cab home....

Stormy Skies Ready For Close-Up

Jeff Prince
Here are storm videos from last night, posted by local residents on YouTube:

God Hates The Mavs

Jeff Prince
God appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and dissed Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. I’m watching Conan, recorded on TIVO last night, and the TV funnyman introduced God to explain why the world didn’t...

And the Crowd Goes Blech

Jeff Prince
Arlington’s arsenal of tourist attractions includes Six Flags over Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers, and so a tourism slogan of “The Crowd Goes Wild” makes good sense. Crowds literally go wild ...