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Killer or Filler?

Our critics take a listen to some relatively recent local discs of note.
Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
Seryn: This Is Where We Are

Restating the Obvious

A court ruling confirms it: Drilling interests outweigh the public interest – legally – in Texas.
Peter Gorman
Those concerned about the dangers posed to Texas groundwaters by gas drilling waste got bad news a few weeks ago. The state’s highest civil court ruled that the Texas Railroad Commission doesn’t need to consider anything bu...

The Guv’s New Math

John Q. Reader
To the editor: Gov. Perry has made his career running on a “no new taxes” platform [see story, page 10], but is it true? For years Texans have been paying extra “fees” and “surcharges” with the promise the money wou...

A Streetcar Named Perspire

Last Call
About 9 a.m. last Tuesday, I popped out of a dead sleep with the nagging suspicion that I was already late for something really important. I couldn’t think of what it was, so I shut my eyes again, but then I heard this huge f...

Music Awards Time

Our 14th or 15th Annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards are right around the corner. The ballot will be published online and in print on May 25, and voting will end on the day of the free 50-band festival, Sun., Jun. 26. As usua...


Firehouse Art Gallery
In honor of his native Scotland and National Tartan Day, Firehouse Art Gallery director Keith Thomson is holding an exhibit of artworks in various media that incorporate the tartan pattern. Tartan Day was last April 6, but the ...

Bridesmaids Takes the Cake

Put on your ugliest dress to watch the comedy of the season.
There’s no shortage of recent comedy films that revolve around male friendship, so where are the equivalent movies about women? When it comes to comedies about adult female characters that don’t primarily focus on romance, ...

Thor: Good God Almighty

Can Kenneth Branagh make a comic book movie? Thertainly!
Everyone seems surprised that Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor. Well, I’m not. True, he made his name directing and starring in a string of cinematic Shakespeare adaptations in the 1990s, but his love for the classics always...

Cutting the Economy to Ribbons

Rick Perry says a no-new-taxes budget is good for business in Texas – but is it?
Gov. Rick Perry’s press releases have been practically bursting with pride lately, as a Texas Legislature with a heavy Republican majority has passed bill after bill dear to his heart and political aspirations –– especial...

Attack Patty Shack

Toppings mixed into the meat? Head out to Patty Shack Burgers.
Patty Shack Burgers might best be described as a hole-in-the-wall with ample attitude. Unfortunately, the place suffers from a distinct lack of external signage. Once you turn off Highway 360 and onto Avenue K in Grand Prairie,...