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Film Shorts

OPENING: Bad Teacher (R) Cameron Diaz stars in this comedy as a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed junior high schoolteacher who’s forced to shape up to win the heart of an idealistic substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake). Also wit...

Night & Day

WED ? 22 Because sickle-cell anemia sufferers often need blood transfusions, Remington College is hosting a blood drive specifically geared toward minority donors, especially African-Americans. The organizers estimate that each...

First and Last Words

Let the honeymoon begin: Betsy Price takes over as Fort Worth mayor in a few weeks, and she’s made a point of telling people she expects city government to be open and transparent. What that really means is that residents and...

Dansby on Board

Fort Worth’s new interim schools chief is changing things — but not too fast.
Perhaps it’s just new-boss euphoria, but Walter Dansby earned major points with teachers last week with one of his first decisions as interim superintendent of Fort Worth schools: He cancelled the day-long convocation the dis...

A Song of Ice and Firewater

Last Call
Walking home in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I checked the time on my phone. It was 4 a.m. Christ, I said to myself, I’m getting too old for this shit. Indeed, I had turned 33 on Thursday, commencing my celebration with l...


UNT University Union
Born in Knoxville, Zigwai Remy Odukomaiya divided her childhood between the United States and her parents’ native Nigeria.

Adolescent Dramas

Two Olivers and one George come of age in these offbeat indie flicks.
There’s never a shortage of films about coming of age. Everyone comes of age, after all, and such films can often be done cheaply, like the three low-budget independent movies we’re reviewing this week. Two of them are wort...

2011 The Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards

Fort Worth Weekly Music Staff
Fort Worth may never be a “music town” in the way that, say, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Seattle, and New York City are, with multiple venues, several destination studios, a couple of big labels, and a lot of famous res...

Buffalo Cantina Heats Up

The latest adventure from Chef Paul Willis is Tex-Mex fusion — and a hit.
Chef Paul Willis has his fingerprints all over some of the area’s most popular restaurants, including Fuzzy’s Tacos,  Yucatan Taco Stand, and the now-defunct Pedro’s Trailer Park. Willis sells a simple package these ...

Tale of Two Sushis

Chow, Baby
I read somewhere that household pets live longer if you get two of them. I hope the rule applies to sushi restaurants, because Magnolia Avenue just got two pretty good ones. Though Temaki Sushi and Shinjuku Station are both Jap...