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Apache 5’s Big Black Smoke

Frontman and spiritual leader Joshua Loewen’s take on ’60s bliss shakes in all the right places.
Singer-songwriter Joshua Loewen’s got a fevah, a vest-wearin’, spasmatic-dancin’, bangs-flippin’, grass-smokin’ ache for jangly guitars, snappy beats, and velveteen melodies. He’s tuned his satellite radio to the la...

Fire Sale

Bills on Rick Perry’s desk would allow politicians to sell off control of Texas’ public assets.
Over the last decade, the debacle of the Trans-Texas Corridor made the phrase “private toll roads” dangerous territory for any Texas politician. The plan to create massive toll-road corridors across the state, with foreign ...

Safety on West 7th

A couple of weekends ago, a server at The Pour House was trying to cross West 7th Street and was struck by a drunk driver. The server suffered some bruises, cuts to his arms and head, and a fractured fibula. The driver got a DU...

Loving Glass

John Q. Reader
To the editor: When I read Kristian Lin’s pan of Hydrogen Jukebox (“Hot Air,” June 1, 2011), I was puzzled until I got to the fourth (!) paragraph. “My problem with Hydrogen Jukebox is simple: I don’t like Philip Glas...

Super 8: Lights, Camera, Alien!

This monster movie shows J.J. Abrams’ remarkable talent – and a few flaws.
I hate to be the dissenting voice on a movie everybody else seems to love, especially when I don’t think the movie’s bad at all. Super 8 is the first film J.J. Abrams has directed that’s from an original story rather than...

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Flop

Could the arctic birds – and not Jim Carrey – explain this movie’s downfall?
Loosely based on Florence Atwater’s 1938 children’s book of the same name, Mr. Popper’s Penguins never completely gels. But that doesn’t stop Jim Carrey from using everything in his arsenal of comic physicality to keep ...

Grilling at Riva Mediterranean

This recently opened Arlington eatery offers Italian and Middle Eastern fare that’s hearty but not overly filling.
Italian food for lunch isn’t for everyone — all those carbs can make napping seem so much more alluring than work. But Riva Mediterranean Grill, which recently opened in an Arlington strip mall, has some solid Italian and M...

Cuisine de Trough

Chow, Baby
If a Fort Worth native had slipped into a coma a few years ago and just awakened, he or she might be forgiven for thinking the West 7th Street development was a leftover hallucination. And what had all that glitzy development d...

Texas Ballet Theater’s Best

Along with TBT’s stellar Don Quixote, some pieces by Bruce Wood Dance Project also enlivened the weekend.
For lovers of story ballets, there’s none more entertaining than Don Quixote, at least the version created by Texas Ballet Theater director Ben Stevenson, which had its North Texas premiere last weekend in Bass Performance Ha...

“Red River” at the Stockyards

Jimmy Fowler
Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Monthly have joined forces to present a statewide film series entitled “Rolling Roadshow,” in which beloved movies either made in Texas or about the state will screen at key loc...