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Closer to Reality?

City Hall is already looking different under the leadership of Fort Worth’s new mayor. Betsy Price ran this week’s city council meetings in the same manner she handles herself — she was pleasant, efficient, and confident....

Battleground Wittenberg

Dr. Faustus and Martin Luther fight for Hamlet’s soul in Amphibian Stage Production’s current show.
For a show that explores sober themes like the conflict between faith and reason, Amphibian Stage Productions’ Wittenberg has a surprising amount of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. Playwright David Davalos’ highly litera...

The Music Bed Wakes Up

A new song licensing company provides an income resource for indie artists.
Bright pop-rockers Green River Ordinance, singer-songwriter Jordan Critz, the shoegazing Constant Seas, and singer-songwriter Dara Maclean are just four Fort Worth artists who are making money the old-fashioned way: by sitting ...

School Politics:

Changing and staying the same.
“We are in a very important period of history, and our decisions will affect the very future of this city,” said Fort Worth school trustee Juan Rangel, an 11-year veteran of the district’s educational wars. “Change is c...

No Overtime for Bikinis

Last Call
Here’s the thing: I love dive bars and all, but every so often, one’ll give me a case of the willies strong enough to make me turn tail and head for some place presumably safer. I like to call it my stabby sense, and the ot...

Takeover, Davestock

While you’re sleeping this Saturday evening after doing whatever you normally do on Saturday evenings –– go to dinner, go to the movies, see a show, play a show, watch Dateline –– young folks, lots of ’em, will be p...

War on Sag

The baggy bottom boys are losing their grip.
Eddie Griffin
Haven’t we been through this before? No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Even an irreverent shirtless, shoeless hippie from the 1960s got the message that you cannot walk into a five-star restaurant as if you were going to the be...


Arts Fifth Avenue
Arts Fifth Avenue knows the value of brevity. The nonprofit’s show of paintings by Hip Pocket Theatre maven Lake Simons is enjoying but a 10-day run. The show ends Friday.

Che C’è? The Double Hour

You don’t know where this cool Italian thriller is going.
The Italian film The Double Hour finally secured its release in American movie theaters last year. That’s when the buzz started building among cinephiles in this country about this exceptionally twisty thriller that often lef...

Pooh Lightness

Unlike its predecessors, this new Winnie the Pooh movie deserves a look.
Well, here’s an unfortunate case of hitting the marketplace at the wrong time. No doubt the folks at Disney thought they’d counter-program by putting out their newest animated movie version of Winnie the Pooh on the same we...