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In Defense of Leon Russell

Jeff Prince
I recently told somebody that blues guitarist B.B. King was coming to Verizon Theatre on October 8 and that I was excited about Leon Russell and Fort Worth native Delbert McClinton opening the show. The guy I was talking to sai...

The Help: Maid in Mississippi

A best-selling novel becomes this charming, flawed movie.
When Kathryn Stockett’s debut novel The Help became a huge popular success in 2009, Hollywood studios immediately rushed in with offers to have A-list filmmakers adapt the book for the big screen. The author held out, though,...

Praise The Lord And Pass The Kool-Aid

How Rick Perry turned a “nonpolitical” prayer rally into his presidential send-off.
Steve McVicker | Photos by F. Carter Smith
I like to think I’m relatively well-liked by my colleagues in the news business and that I’ve been doing this long enough to know how to come prepared to any event I might be covering.

Intriguing Temaki Sushi

Temaki’s fare is simple but effective.
In Japanese, “temaki” means the kind of sushi roll that looks like a horn of plenty. In Fort Worth, Temaki means an interesting new concept in sushi dining.

Sleuthing with Spice Girls

Chow, Baby
One of my challenges as Chow, Baby is trying to protect my identity as a food writer — note-taking during a meal feels so conspicuous. Maybe the servers think it’s part of a business meeting or that I’m writing poetry as ...

An Ending, A Beginning

Big Ticket
A North Texas institution enjoys its last hurrah this weekend. After more than 11 years in operation, Granbury Live holds its final show, called The Best of Granbury Live. Local theatergoers will doubtless find other venues for...

Movies About Maids

Kristian Lin
The Help looks poised to be a huge hit this weekend, and everyone is healthily chewing over the book and the film’s racial politics. There’s even a panel discussion on this subject going on at Dock Bookshop on the 18th....

“Echotone” at The Modern

Jimmy Fowler
The bumpersticker slogan “Keep Austin Weird” began many years ago as a grassroots protest against the commercial development and suburban sprawl that has marked the state capital. Well, the “KAW” campaign pretty much f...

Obama Misses Point

Jeff Prince
The stock market is in a freefall, losing 5 percent of its value today. Meanwhile, President Obama has been blaming the messenger ever since Standard & Poor’s knocked down the United States’ credit rating a notc...

Savvy Guitarist Rich Mauch Dies On Motorcycle

Jeff Prince
The guy whose looks, musicianship, and demeanor made him one of the coolest guys on the local rock scene in the 1970s and 1980s has died after a motorcycle accident on July 22 in Aransas Pass. Richard “Rich” Mauch w...