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Molly Ivins Stirring It Up

Longtime friend Ellen Sweets remembers her days in the kitchen with the famous journalist.
As a fledgling journalist at Arlington’s Young Junior High School, I got to have lunch with Molly Ivins. The legendary writerly rabblerouser who died of breast cancer in 2007 at the age of 62 had previously, famously worked f...

Mostly Spares

Chow, Baby
Bowling has long been a fascination of Chow, Baby’s — not actually rolling the ball and knocking down pins, but all of the stuff that goes along with it. It’s the only sport I can think of that requires its players to ren...

Theater Round-Up

Big Ticket
The seasons of Tarrant County’s illustrious theatrical troupes are in full swing now, and this week you’ll get to sample some of their best stuff, as well as something from overseas.

Fort Worth Director Impresses

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Screen” page features an interview with Fort Worth filmmaker Cameron Bruce Nelson, who had three terrific short works debut this year: In Kind, a meditation on unemployment, identity, and escape; New Animal, ...

Park Could Use Your Help On Saturday

Jeff Prince
The deterioration of a park he loved prompted Jay Johnson to get proactive. Johnson adopted the Eugene McCray Park in east Fort Worth through the city’s Adopt-A-Park program in 2010, and on Saturday he is hosting his seco...

Hank Williams Jr. Gets Dixie Chicked

Jeff Prince
Monday Night Football began in an odd, quiet way last night, with a spoken word narrative over football footage. Yawn. Missing was the pounding piano introduction leading into “Are You Ready” by Hank Williams Jr., t...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Lions

Jeff Prince
I apologize to the Dallas Cowboys and fans for a remark I made during the first quarter of yesterday’s game. I’m afraid it jinxed the team. “Nice to see Barbie Carpenter on the other side,” I texted to a...

Stage West Playwrights Contest

Jimmy Fowler
Stage West just announced the winners of its fifth annual Texas Playwriting Contest. Thirty six entries were narrowed down to five finalists. Two Fort Worth playwrights placed: Laura Lundgren-Smith came in first for her script ...

Notes From the Modern Cinema Festival

Kristian Lin
Christopher Kelly’s Modern Cinema: Great Movies You Haven’t Heard of … Yet festival just concluded, and as usual, I found some of his picks to be excellent and others to be underwhelming. As always, it was a great...