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Fort Magic

These folks can make your assumptions about Cowtown vanish.
Steve Steward | Photos by Anna Routh Barzin
From the Ridglea Country Club’s main dining hall emanated the gentle sway of “Moonlight Serenade,” as well-to-do octogenarians slow-danced to the sounds of their youth. In a smaller dining room down the hall a more raucou...

Chicken Fried Steak Day Hasn’t Caught On Yet

Jeff Prince
The Texas Legislature designated Oct. 26 as Chicken Fried Steak Day, but it’s a holiday that hasn’t exactly been embraced by the grease-grubbing public yet. As soon as I heard the big news, I hightailed it to The St...

Rising at Tollie’s Barbecue

This family-owned joint in South Arlington defines the term “moist.”
In a comment on the Weekly’s web site, a reader points out that our food critics seem to favor fare light on the red meat and unacquainted with the deep fryer. It’s true. Our foodies reviewed four Asian restaurants in a sin...

You Can/Can’t Go Home Again

Chow, Baby
As a professional diner-out, I don’t get to go to my old favorite restaurants as often as I’d like — I know, poor me. But when I do get to stop in at one of the standbys these days, I look at the place through different e...


Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like this year offers up more Halloween events than usual, not just in numbers but in variety. You can go the traditional route with haunted houses like Hangman’s House of Horrors and Texas ...

Fort Worth Loses Hockshop Collection

A.C. “Ace” Cook’s beloved early Texas paintings have found a new home — in Houston.
Fort Worth’s most unusual collection of early Texas art has been sold, packed, and trucked to its new home in Houston, leaving the Stockyards poorer for the loss.


Artsapce 111
One of the sexiest art shows in a while is Allure & Utility at Artspace 111.

FWISD Board: Who is Responsible for $13 Mil Hit to the Budget?

An amendment to approve the addition of 200 Fort Worth ISD teachers that were hired and/or retained on the payroll at a cost of more than $13 million without the knowledge of the board and raising the district’s budget defici...

“Allure” at Artspace 111

Jimmy Fowler
Images of hot celebrities – especially hot women celebrities – are so ubiquitous in our culture, few people pause and ponder the ramifications of marketing Beautiful People like consumer products. Those who do ask question...

Tony Romo Pregnant

Jeff Prince
Tony Romo told a group of Cedar Hill high school kids this morning that his wife’s pregnant — thus proving that he doesn’t always choke at the big moment. Bleacher Report offered this priceless line about Cand...