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Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

Playing Nice?

An alleged tip sends the FBI out to question Denton drilling activists.
Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE
North Texas environmental activists frequently feel as though local officials ignore their protests against gas drilling, but it turns out it’s easy enough to get the federal government’s attention — if the FBI thinks you...

Janet Morrow’s “deaf with a little d”


The Gallery at UTA
Interplay is the name of the game at UTA’s MFA exhibit. The works on display here involve the interaction of film or video, visual communication, and intermedia studio art. The opening date was last week, but the reception is...

Justin Welborn and Marshall Allman send up and embrace religion in Blue Like Jazz.

Indie Film Roundup

Three low-budget movies deserve a look.
For whatever reason, Hollywood has largely ceded this weekend to low-budget independent movies, giving you a chance to see some sparkling talents make their debuts in various roles. The best movie out this week is The Cabin in ...


Your Land is My Land …

Keystone pipeline company runs roughshod over Texas landowners – and maybe Texas law.
When someone from the TransCanada company asked the Crawford family in 2008 about an easement to lay pipeline across their farm on the Texas bank of the Red River, the family wasn’t interested. The Crawfords thought that woul...

The headlining Bronson Burger, the Yard Bird, and some rings and wings are the stars at Bronson Rock. Lee Chastain

Rocking the Grill

Keller’s Bronson Rock sets the standard for open-flame burgers and more.
The most recent restaurant/bar to open along Keller’s Main Street, Bronson Rock Burgers and Beer fits right in among the drag’s string of locally owned burger, barbecue, and beer joints. The two-month-old standalone sits wi...

Southwestern Seminary’s Master Chorale will join FWSO for a blast of Beethoven, Tue.


Big Ticket
Pulling out all the stops for its annual fund-raising gala this week, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will perform Beethoven’s monumental Ninth Symphony on Tuesday in Bass Performance Hall. The work is scored for massed cho...

From Pee-Yu To Woo-Hoo

Jeff Prince
Millions of bad puns about Yu Darvish’s name have been bandied about in recent months, and they must STOP — unless you can think of a new one. A Google search indicates that this Blotch post marks the first use of &...

Ron Paul at Will Rogers

Jimmy Fowler
Of all the Republican primary candidates who never had a snowball’s chance at the nomination, Ron Paul is easily the most interesting on the stump. I get his appeal to college age kids, like the area chapter of Youth For Ron ...

1919 Fight Tragic But Not Shocking

Anthony Mariani
There’s no doubt that the Near South Side is in flux. As the neighborhood continues its transformation from an urban wasteland into a bona fide cultural district, the attendant growing pains will become more intense. Seemingl...

UNT Students Rally For Women

Andrew McLemore
A cross-section of UNT student groups gathered around the Denton Courthouse on Saturday afternoon to protest the “War on Women” waged by the Grand Ole Party in Texas and across the country. About 40 students waved s...