Millions of bad puns about Yu Darvish’s name have been bandied about in recent months, and they must STOP — unless you can think of a new one.

A Google search indicates that this Blotch post marks the first use of “Pee-Yu” in a headline — as in something stinks around here.


Darvish’s first inning as a Texas Rangers was ardently odorous. He gave up four runs. Almost half of his 42 first-inning pitches were out of the strike zone.

Pee-Yu indeed.

Fortunately, Rangers bats came alive to save the day, and the hapless Seattle Mariners couldn’t capitalize on Darvish’s pending meltdown. He found his pitch and started to look like the ace we’ve been hearing about.

Japanese newspapers, according to this Yahoo! article, showed anxiety about their hometown hero’s attempts to conquer the Big Show.

A Yomiuri Shimbun headline:  “Lost control under Major pressure.”

An Asahi Shimbun headline: “Darvish’s first appearance, bitter victory.”

One Japanese sportswriter speculated that the Darvish’s pitching problems traced back to his unfamiliarity with the more slippery American baseball. But another story quoted Darvish’s high school baseball coach as saying that Darvish can win 18 games this season.


  1. *shivers* I know that, well, sometimes we’re proud to be Amer’can and don’t really need to distinguish foreign countries, especially far-away ones, but “love you long time” is a quote from a movie set in Vietnam (Apocalypse Now). Yu Darvish is Japanese. I’m thinking poster fail.

  2. Actually, thanks to Jeff’s research, the quote appeared in both movies, and seeing as AN is older than FMJ, Anthony for the win.