Of all the Republican primary candidates who never had a snowball’s chance at the nomination, Ron Paul is easily the most interesting on the stump. I get his appeal to college age kids, like the area chapter of Youth For Ron Paul that’s sponsoring the congressman’s town hall meeting 7pm Wed (Apr 11) at Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Twentysomethings are smitten by his free-market libertarianism. And he wants to decriminalize pot. Young adults appreciate his stance on the dangers of a global interventionist policy. And he wants to decriminalize pot. Kids are intrigued by his theory on how the Federal Reserve counterfeits money. And he wants to decriminalize pot. And did I mention that under President Paul, we’ll all be getting mad crunk off wicked good weed grown on vast private farms free of government regulation? Ron Paul for President, man!


  1. You must have taken a head start with the weed…

    I have never taken any illegal drug. But I support Ron Paul. Why?

    The Patriot Act. ACTA. TPP. Drone strikes. ICE domain seizures. Bogus incitements against whistle blowers, while bank fraud goes ignored. Planed inflation that strips my savings of what little value they have. Corporate loop holes. Regulation that maintains the big companies while suppressing the rest of us. 1 trillion in student loan debt when everything a student needs to know to get their PhD can fit on a 50 dollar hard drive. With video and illustrations.

    How is it that in an age when information transfer is practically free, the costs of learning a little of that info and taking a few tests has gone up in price faster than inflation? Faster than health care costs even?

    We need solutions, and voting status quo will get you exactly that.

  2. College kids aren’t stupid; They’re quick to realize that the ‘American Dream’ has become just that, a dream. There are NO JOBS! We’re graduating millions of kids with NO JOBS in sight! The FED DEP of ED has systematically detroyed education, and continues to do so. Meanwhile, the NDAA is enacted and all they want to put on the main-stream-news is Trayvon Martin, and spur race wars! This country’s in serious trouble, and Ron Paul is the ONLY one telling anyone the truth.

  3. The Dept. of Ed. may share some of the blame for the scarcity of jobs but others are guilty also.

    Three groups deserve mention because they had a love fest destroying jobs in America: 1>liberals, 2>free market intellectuals and 3>well connected businessmen in congress

    1>Liberals such as Bill Clinton and other parts of the Democratic party thought it was a sin the US GDP was so large in contrast to undeveloped countries. Why not redistribute the worlds wealth from advanced to undeveloped countries through a redistribution of production?

    2>Free Market Intellectuals were also to blame. In universities intellectuals provided the justification to the US to the US redistributing the worlds wealth by opening the flood gates to free trade. After all economic theory can prove free trade must be a good thing because economic models can show conclusively when each country produced only what it’s comparative advantage indicated -that everyone was better off. Sadly today’s economic reality and today’s economic theory are at odds.

    3>Finally businessmen with their great mental powers reasoned if they could produce cheap in a low wage country and sell in a high wage country, profits would explode. It worked ! But at what cost -American jobs !

    The result when these three groups worked together to change the distribution of wealth meant a persistent environment of too many people chasing too few jobs.

    Will Tabacchi

  4. Jimmy Fowler- Grow up. In a hundred different conversations ive had with fellow Ron Paul supporters legalizing pot has never once come up as an issue.

  5. The writer of this article is biased, naive, immature, unrealistic, narrow minded and obviously thinks too much about pot. We’re in a world of hurt and he’s hung up on pot. What a goof. How about writing about Ron Paul’s true objectives regarding our foreign policy, economy and individual liberties? How about writing about Ron Paul’s fight for our Constitutional Rights? Or, how about NOT writing at all. Grow up and get your head out of the pot….this email from a near 60 year old who thinks there are much bigger issues at stake in this world than a little smoke the author is trying to blow up your A**.

  6. I don’t even have to read the article to say the Writers Career is as imaginary as his imagination. Obviously its the smallest in the Business. This is about as intelligent as a 3rd grade English paper. . lol just throw in the towel already guy

    Did you read other MSM news story’s and copy and paste to make your own?

    how sad

  7. Jimmy Fowler’s a national award-winning critic, and we’re proud that he writes for us. And there’s definitely not “a error” “on” every sentence. Lighten up.

  8. Well, Jimmy, guess you’ve discovered that there’s no fury like a Paulite scorned. Most blogs and sites I frequent have learned that, if you want hits and comments, toss in a mention of DOCTOR Paul, and it’s Play Ball!
    For some real fun, quote from the newsletter he published in the 90s, and watch em growl.

  9. “The writer of this article is biased, naive, immature, unrealistic, narrow minded and obviously thinks too much about pot.”

    I second this notion.
    As someone who also abstains from drugs, the drug war has failed and it will always fail.

    I’m sick and tired of the fact Paul wants to decriminalize Marijuana being used to De-legitimize him amongst those too ignorant to see that the war on drugs does nothing but perpetuate violence and strengthen the cartels.

  10. Grow up. The legalization of pot is Important to the youth as it should be. All forms of freedom need to be supported even the ones we might not individually take advantage of. Freedom is a consistent ideal and if drug legalization is an area to gain support from the youth then so be it. I for one am glad to have them onboard. It’s time to recognize what freedom is and support it where ever it comes to light. Ron Paul 2012!!!


    These same “high kids” can also read that this article was published at 6:08 PM on April 9th (Yesterday). The speech is at 7:00 PM April 11th (Tomorrow). Next time, don’t just take the first negative picture that is offered in a simple google images search result for Ran Paul.

    Jimmy, I would suggest you look at the advertisement for the “Gas Pipe” smoke shop for the Fort Worth Weekly at the bottom of this page and reconsider your assertions.