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Further Thoughts on the Olympics

Kristian Lin
If you could be Jamaican only for a day, surely you’d pick today. For not only is today the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence, but Usain Bolt got the party started early by reclaiming the Olympic 100 me...


FWISD Needs Dead Armadillo Day

Jeff Prince
Roadkill doesn’t just feed buzzards in New Zealand. It raises money to pay for kids’ education while instilling a creative spirit that only comes from dressing a dead marsupial in a tiny prom dress. A New Zealand sc...

Jimmy Stewart hangs loose in "Vertigo."

“Sight & Sound” Crowns New Greatest Film Ever

Kristian Lin
So everybody in the film world is buzzing about Sight & Sound’s new poll of the greatest films ever, which the British publication has conducted every 10 years since 1952. The main topic of conversation is Alfred Hitchcoc...


“Ghostbreakers” Set to Debut

Jimmy Fowler
After a series of stops and starts while trying to find a broadcast venue, the paranormal reality show satire Ghostbreakers has finally found a home on the upstart cable/internet channel Youtoo TV. Created by North Texas filmma...

More Thoughts on the Olympics

Kristian Lin
My own first name isn’t exactly common due to its unconventional spelling, so when I see athletes who share my first name at the Olympics, they’re usually Norwegian skiers. However, Kristian Thomas is a British gymnast, and...


Chick-Fil-A, Not Cruz, Shows Enduring Strength Of Tea Party

Andrew McLemore
For two days, the surprise victory of Ted Cruz was all anybody could talk about. The Tea Party upstart who beat back establishment candidate David Dewhurst for the Texas Senate was the biggest sign yet of the enduring — a...

Colin Farrell gets his mind royally messed with in "Total Recall."

Rebooting Total Recall

I forget why they remade this sci-fi thriller.
On paper, remaking Total Recall is a better idea than restarting the Spider-Man series. The original film came out back in 1990, and while its special effects were cutting-edge at the time, technology has reached heights since ...

Being A Woman Is No Longer A Pre-Existing Condition

Today, under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, new and critical benefits for women take effect, according to a press release from the secretary of health and human services. For starters, under most ...

“Eat Mor Chikin” Sayeth the Lord

Jimmy Fowler
Guess what some of the great minds at Fort Worth’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are focused on today. If you said “contemplating the trinity” or “debating Jesus’ human and divine natures,” you would be ...

Ruby Sparks opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Ruby Sparks (R) Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) direct this comedy about a struggling novelist (Paul Dano) who magically conjures a girl (Zoe Kazan) to life after creating her as a character in...