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2012 Gets Run Over By Reindeer Author

Jeff Prince
Songwriter Randy Brooks (The Bad Monkeys) established himself decades ago as an astute and searing Christmas chronologist with his classic hit “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.” Being the voice of his generation ...


Home Sweet Home, ‘Phibs-Style

Even after the mortgage meltdown that helped trigger the Great Recession, home ownership is considered an integral part of the so-called American Dream. But what kind of class divisions, character distinctions, and chance circu...

(Flickr photo by twicepix)

Ten Years After: Kelly Clarkson Still Belting ‘Em Out

Jeff Prince
Kelly Clarkson’s roots are showing — her Tarrant County roots. Like others from these parts, she’s friendly and a little crazy and enjoys a good time, but if you mess with her, she’ll kick butt. Clarkson...

Hitchcock opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Fort Worth Weekly
OPENING: Hitchcock (PG-13) Anthony Hopkins stars in this biopic about Alfred Hitchcock’s struggles to make Psycho. Also with Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Michael Wincott, J...

Timon of Athens

Night & Day

WED ▪ 28 Amphibian Stage Productions’ screenings of live broadcasts of National Theatre productions continue with Timon of Athens, Shakespeare’s fable about a powerful patron surrounded by sycophants and swindlers. The ce...


Global Warning

Don’t Let This One Pass “Go” Next week, the Fort Worth City Council may declare bankruptcy. Of the moral variety, that is. Despite virulent opposition from a small handful of citizen activists, the council will consider a...

Last Call

Rummage Rock ’n’ Roll

As this goes to print, I will have been sober for, like, I dunno, three whole days. No beer, no booze, no weed, not even so much as a sip from one of those adorable 8-ounce Coca-Colas that look hilarious and precious when clasp...

The crazy kids of Lindby are putting together a local all-star Christmas album.

A Lindby Christmas

There are a lot of reasons to love the crazy-ass kids in Lindby. Talent? Sure. The youngsters have got loads of that. But to be able to marshal that aptitude in the service of catchy, poppy, choral-vocal-heavy songs that skim t...

Loli Kantor’s “Mariusz as Bruno”


Artspace 111
Two Loli Kantor shows remain up till the end of the month: What Once Was a Forest is at Gallery 76102 and There Was a Forest is at Artspace 111. The latter, a solo exhibition, features photographs from the Jewish enclaves of Ea...

Bonilla: “They keep on trying to take away the character and history. They’re tearing it apart.” Tony Robles

Looming Over Linwood

Neighborhood loses fight against apartments.
The latest evidence of pressure on Fort Worth’s Linwood enclave is a project that will cast a long shadow on the park named for a man who fought to preserve the modest but tight-knit neighborhood through floods, a major torna...