(Flickr photo by twicepix)

Kelly Clarkson’s roots are showing — her Tarrant County roots.

Like others from these parts, she’s friendly and a little crazy and enjoys a good time, but if you mess with her, she’ll kick butt.

Clarkson sang her way into pop culture by winning the first American Idol in 2002. Ten years later she’s sold more than 50 million albums and singles, and she’s got Grammy, VMA, AMA, and Billboard awards out the wazoo.

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The beauty part is, she didn’t win the awards because of hype. She has a powerful, gritty voice and a distinctive writing style, and she earned every one of her trophies.

She also seems like a pretty cool chick.

Clarkson, 30, recently released her first greatest hits album to commemorate her first decade in The Biz.

And even a snarky Blotch blogger has to tip his tragically hip metaphorical fedora to our hometown gal.

(flickr photo shot in July 2012 by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)


  1. Uh-oh. I think a writer has hacked Jeff’s computer. If a tongue-bath about Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, or some other useless celebrity appears on our website over the next 72 hours, we take no responsibility.

    “Oh, shut up, Mariani! She’s a local girl!”

    Yeah, right. Ask her which Fort Worth building was almost demolished by a tornado last century or where The Wreck Room was or the name of our minor-league baseball team. She’d have no freaking idea.

    • Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, grew up in Burleson, and bought her own home here AFTER her American Idol fame. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that she knows the Fort Worth Cats (and has probably attended a game). So go drink a keg of Iron City Beer or whatever you people drink and root for the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend and leave our little Kelly alone.

    • Just because Clarkson never snorted a line of coke off the bar at the old Wreck Room doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a little Blotch ink.