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Blogging the Cliburn (Day 2)

Kristian Lin
The competition’s second day brought our first performances of Mozart, Scriabin, Schubert, and John Adams. I missed the Champions League final on TV and Taylor Swift at Cowboys Stadium today, but I wouldn’t want to ...

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Blogging the Cliburn (Day 1)

Kristian Lin
Hello, everyone, and welcome to my coverage of the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Unlike four years ago, we’ll be keeping this blog on the Weekly‘s website instead of a different site. Also unlike...

Letitia Huckaby's quilt work has earned her a spot in the 2013 Texas Biennial.

Texas Biennial: Fort Worth Love

Fort Worth’s Letitia Huckaby, Hiroko Kubo, Angela Kallus, Gregory Ruppe, and HOMECOMING! Committee and Arlington’s Jeff Gibbons are the Tarrant County artists selected by independent curators to participate in the 2013 Texa...

Last year's winner Zach Johnson was a putting machine.

Win Two Tickets to the Colonial

Eric Griffey
Here is your chance to win two one-day passes to the PGA’s Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial. As we all know, Tiger Woods always skips our home town golf tourney. For free tickets, answer this question:  If you c...


March Against Monsanto in Fort Worth

If you thought the only thing those lazy, entitled millenials dreamed about was getting famous on YouTube, think again: Many of them would also like to live in a world where genetically altered food was, at the very least, clea...


Fort Worth Cats Lie Down With Jose Canseco, Everyone Gets Fleas

Jeff Prince
Jose Canseco was supposed to be the carnival sideshow whose wackiness might overshadow the ominous stank coming from the Fort Worth Cats recently. Money woes, grumbling vendors, and employees walking off the job don’t exa...

Dead Man’s Burden opens Friday in Dallas.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Dead Man’s Burden (NR) Jared Moshe’s Western stars Barlow Jacobs and Clare Bowen as a brother and sister who discover each other’s buried secrets as they reunite on their farm in New Mexico in 1870. Also with Dav...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 22 The Cliburn isn’t the only traditional Fort Worth competition running this week. The Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial tees off too. The drama of the Tiger Woods-Sergio García foofaraw will skip us, with neith...


Unfunny Keystone Capers

The southern leg of the Keystone Pipeline came this much closer to being a done deal when owner TransCanada brought in a trackhoe last week and began to tear up a strip of the Crawford family farm in Sumner, Texas. According to...


Dear Editor

Hydraulic Hypocrisy To the editor: It seems a bit hypocritical the way the government is presently handling natural gas drilling. Just a few years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency was so worried about our groundwater th...