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Eva Green has two swords and an army of Persians at her back in 300: Rise of an Empire.

300 and Two

Eva Green aside, this sequel is pretty much 300 on boats.
Hollywood loves to throw up sequels to successful movies, and some of them do better than others when it comes to standing on their own. Right now, I’m struggling to recall a sequel that’s more heavily haunted by its predec...


There’s No Place Like Rome

After its Oscar win, The Great Beauty comes out again.
Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty picked up an Oscar last week for the Best Foreign Film, so its distributors are re-releasing it after it enjoyed a brief run last December (in North Texas, it screened only in Dallas). Now ...


Troubles in Eden

Arlington’s alternative lifestyle gardeners are trying to make peace with the man.
When Shellie Smith moved into the two-story house on three and a half acres of land in remote southwest Arlington in 1996, she was living a different life. She and her then-husband, a pilot, wanted to raise their two children i...

Joyce Yang plays Gershwin with FWSO.

Nielsen Rating

Undoubtedly the greatest classical music figure to come from Denmark, Carl Nielsen has been steadily gaining appreciation in the last few decades. The composer wrote a number of orchestral works between the 1890s and the 1920s,...

Cliburn logo

Play Piano. Film It. Be Part of the Cliburn.

Kristian Lin
Today the Cliburn Foundation announced this summer’s Amateur Piano Video Contest. If you’re 35 or older this July 31 and don’t derive your income from playing, teaching, or composing piano music, you can film ...


Former Fort Worth Rapper on Dr. Phil

The Fort Worth nerdcore rap artist formerly known as MC Router was on Dr. Phil today with her mother, who’s worried that her daughter, a recent Islam convert, will become a terrorist. In 2007, we profiled Router (“And Now, ...

made in usa

Made In America Expo Offers Studio Time To Contest Winner

Jeff Prince
The game of baseball is as American as apple pie. Actual baseballs, however, are made overseas. Same with Barbie dolls, Levi jeans, Converse shoes, and many other seemingly all-American products. Remember those old Radio Flyer ...