Top 5 Shows

Steve Steward
1) Lola’s has a pair of worthwhile shows this weekend, starting with the Squanto-headlined bill on Friday. The last time I spoke with Squanto mastermind Rickey Wayne Kinney, he said his new material was a lot more groove- and...

Natalie Press and Emily Blunt in "My Summer of Love."

The Best Movies of 2005

Kristian Lin
I think it was Slate’s Dana Stevens who said that any critic would have to be a masochist to go back and look over their old “10 best movies of the year” lists. If it was her, I have no idea what she means, because I alwa...

INSIDE THE PROMENADE LOOKING NORTH. (all photos by jeff prince)

Will Rogers Complex Gets Facelift, Y’all!

Jeff Prince
City leaders and Stock Show officials donned Western attire and said hokey stuff like “howdy y’all!” in speeches today to celebrate the latest renovations at the Will Rogers Memorial Center complex. City Counc...


Forbidding Football?

Rush Olson
In the sport of American football, violence sometimes begets more violence. I tackle you, you stiff-arm me, your teammate tries to block my buddy, who tries to shove him into both of us, the safety flies in over the top, and we...

COLLARBONES (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Dallas Cowboys Off Asides on Season, Lists

Jeff Prince
Whew. Watching the Dallas Cowboys this season was like driving on Airport Freeway during rush-hour traffic in a 1978 Datsun with a burned out clutch. It’s somehow stressful and boring at the same time. If anything was pro...


Soundcheck 817: Prof. Fuzz 63 and Mercury Rocket at 1912 Club

Eric Griffey
This week’s Soundcheck features a couple of bands on Dreamy Life Records releasing albums tomorrow! The folks at 1912 Club let us shoot two bands and turned on the groovy, psychedelic lights. Both Dallas-based bands, Prof...

Xs & Ohs

Xs & Ohs: Finding Your Han Solo in a Galaxy of Darth Vaders

Sarah Angle
There’s this galaxy of single guys out there, floating around in the universe far far away. But distinguishing your star from a black hole takes some, um, divine intervention. While I’m waiting on the Force, a little strate...

Bel Powley in "The Diary of a Teenage Girl."

The Best Lead Performances of 2015

Kristian Lin
Time now for the best headlining star turns I saw this year. I’m glad to report that the gender-equity pendulum swung back in 2015 — after the men dominated the leading roles last year, this year it was the women’s turn. ...


Top 5 Shows (NYE Edition)

Steve Steward
1) You know what someone asked me the other day? “Hey man, do you know where Leon Bridges is going to be on New Year’s Eve?” I was sort of flattered that the person would think I was so dialed into the music scene that I ...

Kristen Stewart in "Clouds of Sils Maria"

The Best Supporting Performances of 2015

Kristian Lin
Here’s the first batch of acting awards I’m handing out for this year. You may be wondering where Rooney Mara is. I’m not including her in this list because I consider her performance in Carol to be a leading role, even t...