IT'S A GAME! (Photos by Hannah Reinmiller)

Sports Rush: A History-Making Rivalry

Rush Olsen
You might have read how, back in the day, cowboys drove wild critters along the Texas Trail from Cowtown to Shreveport. By “back in the day,” we mean mid-April. On April 16, a local outfit known as the Fort Worth Vaqueros (...

Rush Olsen and Rangers Captain have fun with the crowd before games at the ballpark.

Sports Rush

Rush Olson
Could your brain handle the pressure of standing on the dugout in front of fans at the Texas Rangers ballpark, competing in a game in which you try to decide whether a phrase describes weather, baseball, or has been created out...

(Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Vaqueros)

Vaqueros Will Sport New Look This Season

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth Vaqueros minor league soccer team will be looking like sharp-dressed men for the 2016 season, which kicks off on April 30 at Texas Wesleyan University’s Martin Field. A new pinstripe jersey design includes a sm...

BEYONCE (courtesy of Beyonce's twitter page)

Thinking About Beyonce Stealing Super Bowl And Being All Like … Hmmm

Jeff Prince
So I wake up and hear all these morning news show anchors talking about how Beyonce stole the halftime show right out from under Coldplay during last night’s Super Bowl. A New York Times‘ review is headlined “...

TONY DORSETT IN 2009 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Tony D To Auction Off Dallas Cowboys Mementos At Super Bowl

Jeff Prince
Any Dallas Cowboys fan with a little snow on the rooftop remembers Tony Dorsett slicing for bits of daylight while becoming one of the NFL’s greatest running backs. Dorsett, or “Tony D” as he was called, is mo...

JACOB SPEED (photo courtesy of Fort Worth Vaqueros)

Former Mansfield High, Vaqueros Soccer Player Heads To Bigs

Jeff Prince
Besides having a really cool name for an athlete, Jacob Speed has now done something that no other Fort Worth Vaqueros alum has ever done — he’s made it to The Bigs. Speed is on the fast track to Major League Soccer...

COLLARBONES (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Dallas Cowboys Off Asides on Season, Lists

Jeff Prince
Whew. Watching the Dallas Cowboys this season was like driving on Airport Freeway during rush-hour traffic in a 1978 Datsun with a burned out clutch. It’s somehow stressful and boring at the same time. If anything was pro...


Dallas Cowboys Off Asides on Buffalo Bills, Pride

Jeff Prince
Off Asides is fired up about today’s noon game against the Buffalo Bills even though the Dallas Cowboys are playing for nothing but pride. If they lose the next two games, their pick improves dramatically in next year’s...


Dallas Cowboys Off Asides On Green Bay Packers, Cletus Atkiss

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys play the vaunted Green Bay Packers on the road this afternoon at Lambeau Field in the cold and rain. The chances of the ‘Boys winning the game are slightly slimmer than me winning an Oscar. And the only...


Dallas Cowboys Off Asides On Washington Redskins, Math

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth singer Leon Bridges flew up north to perform as musical guest on Saturday Night Live and killed it. Now the Cowboys fly up north to face the Washington Redskins on Monday night. Experts predict the Cowboys will perfo...