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Good Neighbor

John Q. Public
To the editor: What a lovely feature on such a local treasure as Barry Corbin (“Good Country for an Old Cowboy,” March 17, 2010).  My daughter and I and our friends hang out at a grill where we see Barry frequently.&nb...

More FW at SXSW

As first reported on Blotch (Feb. 19, 2010), Arlington pianistic singer-songwriter Jessie Frye and Fort Worth’s rowdy, skuzzy, light-hearted hard-rock act Complete join Telegraph Canyon and Best Fwends (an electronic-punk...

The Joys, Pains Of Fort Worth’s Record Snow

Jeff Prince
When a record snowfall hits Fort Worth, people can’t wait to get out in it and have fun. A friend of mine still walks with a limp from doing something similar to these guys. Many years ago, we tied a ski rope to the back ...

Shock and Awe

To the editor:
John Q. Public
To the editor: Thank you so much for allowing me to grace the cover of your newspaper (“Weapons of Choice,” Dec. 23, 2009). It’s quite an honor. I’ve lived in Fort Worth my entire life, and I’ve re...

Lola’s Love from the Netherlands

The Wreck Room will always be a mythical place in both local and national lore. The Wreck, which was razed a couple of years ago after a 10-year run to make room for Progress, was the kind of place that bands as far flung as Ne...

Breaking News: Taylor Swift Clumsy Too

Jeff Prince
In what can only be described as divine intervention, Taylor Swift dropped and broke one of her ill-begotten Grammy awards: What’s worse, she mentions that it’s the second time that night that she’d dropped an...

Tony Romo’s Got It Backwards

Jeff Prince
Tony Romo is wearing his ballcap backwards again. This isn’t earth-shattering news. But people with corncobs up their patooties harassed the poor guy for years until he finally broke down and gave up his personal fashion styl...

More Hell to Pay

John Q. Public
To the editor: Thank you for reporting on the payroll audit mess at the Fort Worth school district (“Payroll Hell,” Jan. 20, 2010). It’s not over, unfortunately.

Over There

John Q. Public
To the editor: I want to say thank you for sending me and my unit your weekly issues of Fort Worth Weekly. I’m from Fort Worth, while the others in our unit are from all over. We are currently here in Baghdad and will be ...

SXSW 2010 Open for Business

Anthony Mariani
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Austin, SXSW has just announced that its 24th annual music festival is “open for business.” Bands interested in playing the 2010 edition are welcome to submit here. Applicatio...