Tony Romo is wearing his ballcap backwards again.

This isn’t earth-shattering news.

But people with corncobs up their patooties harassed the poor guy for years until he finally broke down and gave up his personal fashion style, turned his hat in the forward position this season, and made everybody happy.


He also became a talking automaton. “Work hard, improve, one day at a time” became his parroted mantra. Gone were the glib responses of yore that got him into trouble.

The hat was backwards again at last night’s Pro Bowl game and Romo looked relaxed.

But he remained on guard during TV interviews, even while talking to this elementary school kid. Check out Romo’s response to the question about whether Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson is the better singer (which is akin to being asked which form of cancer you’d rather die from).

Here’s DeMarcus Ware being interviewed by the same kid:


  1. carrie underwood hands down sings circles around jessica anyday anytime, and carrie is way way way more beautifull and classier then she is….jessica is trash

  2. Notice how much better Damon Weaver does with DeMarcus Ware. In the first video, Tony Romo is leaning over the kid, looking down at him, smiling when the kid isn’t looking, and acting like an adult being humored by a cute kid asking silly questions. In the second video, Demarcus Ware is down at the kid’s eye level and speaking to him in a normal way, as if he were conversing with a friend. The kid is much more relaxed and natural. No knock on Romo, I just thought the two contrasts were interesting in a behavioral science kind of way.