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Top 5 Shows

1.) Lots of out-of-towners are among us this weekend, here for the big college football playoff championship game between Ohio State and Oregon on Monday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and we can only assume that at least so...

Don't bother them. They're being moody and deep.

Top 5 Shows

1.) Has anyone mentioned that chill electronic dance music is the new yacht rock? Most of the lyrics (if there are any) are lovey-dovey, and if you trade the turntables and synths for guitars and pianos, you’ve got early Kenn...

GLORIA CAMPOS (Facebook photo)

Gloria Campos Stops Spreading The News

Jeff Prince
Holy Tweet! Gloria Campos says she’s hanging up her Teleprompter after 30 years in television news. March 7 marks her final newscast at Channel 8. Campos, 59, was the Metroplex’s first Hispanic news anchor, and she’s deli...

Gaga Rules, Madonna Drools

Jimmy Fowler
Conventional wisdom says that all gay men (of a certain age) love Madonna. But to us queer contrarians, Madge has offered many years of addictive fun snickering at her flimsy image changes, atrocious dance skills, and reedy, st...