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“Pocket Full of Art” at A5A

Most theater companies just send out press releases to announce their upcoming seasons. But co-founders Johnny and Diane Simons of Hip Pocket Theatre like to turn everything into a celebration. Their philosophy is that life, li...


Django Reinhardt Festival at A5A

How cool is 20th century guitarist Django Reinhardt? So cool, Sean Penn faints at the mere mention of his name. More accurately, Sean Penn’s character in Woody Allen’s 1999 movie Sweet and Lowdown swoons every time someone ...


SceneShop’s “A Fifth of Christmas”

For certain kinds of people –– single, or childless, or those who’ve lost or are separated from loved ones –– the holiday season can feel like everything from a bad joke to happiness boot camp: You will feel the good ...

John Carlisle Moore’s “Rabbit Full House Divided” is on display now as part of a group show at A5A.

Cottontail Fire

Outsider artists gather at Arts Fifth Avenue.
The term “outsider artist” is often used to describe self-taught artists who proudly and defiantly work outside of any movement, commercial trend, or academic tradition. Fort Worth painter-photographer-playwright John Carli...

Elizabethans will battle zombies at Arts Fifth Avenue this month. Tony Robles

Brainy Humor

Drag Strip Courage tackles a mashup of The Bard and the undead.
A lot of theater artists feel an obligation to speak of William Shakespeare in reverent tones, as if performing the words of The Bard is an unquestionably noble enterprise. Actor and director Seth Johnston, who formed the small...


Performance Salon at A5A

Jimmy Fowler
Some artists are strictly instinctual. They don’t like to overthink the process, preferring to let the work speak for itself. Others are more self-aware and can hold forth on the joys and frustrations of creativity in a very ...

The Dallas Holocaust Museum pays tribute to the undercover agents who went behind enemy lines in its current exhibit Ritchie Boys: Secret Heroes of World War II.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 1 The idea of the U.S. military deploying German Jews to fight against the Nazis during World War II isn’t just a subplot from Inglourious Basterds but something that in fact happened. The Dallas Holocaust Museum pays...

Joe Rogers and Sheran Keyton at A5A

JImmy Fowler
Tomorrow night (Saturday June 16) at 8pm, Arts Fifth Avenue will host an intimate evening with two North Texas musical luminaries –– pianist/composer Joe Rogers and singer/actor Sheran Goodspeed Keyton –– who share a u...

Megan Davis McConnell’s “xxx”


Arts Fifth Avenue
Arts Fifth Avenue opens a photography show this weekend that features Mary Rabalais Collins’ digitally manipulated photographs of motion, Michael Zukerman’s nature photographs, and Megan Davis McConnell’s puckishly humoro...

Hip Pocket Fundraiser

Jimmy Fowler
You don’t get to use the word “Fellini-esque” very often in life, but that’s as accurate a description as any for the work done by Hip Pocket Theatre. These are performers who’ve incorporated their art seamlessly into...