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Visionary Awards Party Wrap-up

Anthony Mariani
A fantabulous night was enjoyed by nearly 200 folks last Thursday at Artspace 111. The occasion was our Second Annual Visionary Awards ceremony, the presentation of three $500 cash awards given to three outstanding up-and-comin...

Ann-Marie Barker’s “The Living Room” at Casa Mañana.


Big Ticket
For whatever reason, the main attractions at this year’s Spring Gallery Night seem to lie outside the usual venues. Don’t get us wrong: The traditional spaces still have some stimulating shows opening this weekend. William ...

“Allure” at Artspace 111

Jimmy Fowler
Images of hot celebrities – especially hot women celebrities – are so ubiquitous in our culture, few people pause and ponder the ramifications of marketing Beautiful People like consumer products. Those who do ask question...

‘Road’ Photo Exhibit Is Worth Trip

Jeff Prince
People on road trips like to document their adventures in photos — very bad photos. Then they put those photos in scrapbooks. And then they hand the scrapbook to you and watch over your shoulder as you obediently pore ove...