Analia Saban’s “Copper Tapestry” is part of Gallery Night’s new shows.

Here’s something unusual for Spring Gallery Night this year: A number of venues are having long-running exhibits end this weekend instead of begin. Usually, the biannual art celebration is a time to break out new shows, and there have long been places like Grackle Art Gallery that hold a show just for the one night. However, this spring both Fort Worth Community Arts Center and Atrium Gallery are ending their shows on the big weekend and coming out with new ones next week.

There are still plenty of openings. Artspace 111 spotlights Woodrow Blagg, who goes in for pencil drawings unlike his relatives who regularly show at that space. Fort Works Art showcases the bright colors in the paintings and illustrations of Kyle Steer and Lisa Krannichfeld. Randy Bacon’s deserted townscapes receive a show at Carter Bowden. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is joining in the festivities as well, featuring the installations of Analia Saban, who makes tapestries out of materials that aren’t usually woven and blocks of marble that seem to bend almost to the point of breaking. Whether the shows are opening or closing, you’ll be in for a great time keeping up with the latest developments in our city’s art scene.

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