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Fill Stomach, Not Cart

Fort Worth Weekly
Aren’t those lists on the internet awful? Do we really need to know  “The Top 10 Cities for Buying Porcelain Donkeys” or which states some magazine editor thinks are the most “livable”? Something must be done. Am I s...

Downtown Fort Worth (wikimedia)

Downtown Fort Worth Is America’s Best

Jeff Prince
Magazines like to create lists about cities. Top 10 Cities For This, and Top 25 Cities For That. People like lists. And local news media typically spread the word when their hometown makes a list, which, in turn, spreads attent...

(flickr photo by doug wertman)

Troy Aikman Wasn’t Best Cowboys Pick, Mike Sherrard Wasn’t Worst

Jeff Prince
Remember Mike Sherrard? Probably not. The Dallas Cowboys picked the wide receiver in the first round (No. 18) in 1986, and he started out pretty well until he broke his leg. He eventually went on to play with several other team...