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Internet Mocks Blind Student At TCU-Boise Game

Jeff Prince
It all started so innocently. Well, not really innocently. Mocking people on YouTube is more mean-spirited fun than innocence, but let’s not get hung up on semantics here, folks. The point is, somebody got a big laugh out of ...

Protection Scheme

Conservatives like to complain (not without some basis) about how Hollywood frequently portrays them in a negative light. I hereby point out that just about every character in The Blind Side, including the heroes of the story, ...

Evenings Out

Kristian Lin
With fall approaching, Fort Worth wants you to come out this weekend and see the city’s various cultural treasures. First of all, Gallery Night is on Saturday, and this year’s attractions include a rare touring hist...

America’s Original Art Form

It’s jazz, but can you define it? I guess I’m left paraphrasing Potter Stewart‘s response to pornography: I know jazz when I hear it. Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and The Bad Plus qualify. George Clinton and...