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made in usa

Made In America Expo Offers Studio Time To Contest Winner

Jeff Prince
The game of baseball is as American as apple pie. Actual baseballs, however, are made overseas. Same with Barbie dolls, Levi jeans, Converse shoes, and many other seemingly all-American products. Remember those old Radio Flyer ...

new balance

Cowtown Marathon Hopes To Lasso Votes For CALF Program

Jeff Prince
Hey, everybody, Atlanta is kicking our butts. A national health campaign named 33 finalists for a $30,000 prize, and The Cowtown Marathon CALF Program is in the running. Second prize is $20,000. The highest number of online vot...

No Overtime for Bikinis

Last Call
Here’s the thing: I love dive bars and all, but every so often, one’ll give me a case of the willies strong enough to make me turn tail and head for some place presumably safer. I like to call it my stabby sense, and the ot...

Netflix’s Ten Percent Solution

Kristian Lin
Earlier this week Netflix awarded $1 million to a team of researchers calling themselves BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos. At issue is Cinematch, the part of the website that comes up with a set of recommended movie rentals pers...