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Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Most Loyal

Jeff Prince
A guy fell in love with a woman. And by love, I mean L-O-V-E with a little bit of OCD thrown in. The guy sent flowers and candy and all kinds of gifts, and put up with so much crap from that woman, who stood him up for dates, f...


Cowboys Rosterbation Part II (Defense)

Eric Griffey
Earlier this week I started the pointless but fun exercise of trying to predict who will be on the Cowboys’ 53-man roster. My crystal ball told me that the front office and coaches would keep 24 players on offense. The team w...


Cowboys Rosterbation (Offense)

Eric Griffey
Now that the draft is behind us – though some Cowboy fans still aren’t letting go of that first round trade down – and most teams will likely hold off on signing a free agent until after the June 1 cut date, the Cowboys r...


Jerry Jones: Village Idiot

This much we know: Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones cares so much what people think of him that he will shoot himself in the foot –– to the potential detriment of his organization –– just to prove a point. And that p...

(flickr photo by doug wertman)

Troy Aikman Wasn’t Best Cowboys Pick, Mike Sherrard Wasn’t Worst

Jeff Prince
Remember Mike Sherrard? Probably not. The Dallas Cowboys picked the wide receiver in the first round (No. 18) in 1986, and he started out pretty well until he broke his leg. He eventually went on to play with several other team...


Jesse Holley at the Movies

Kristian Lin
North Texas sports fans who are no longer anticipating the movie about Josh Hamilton can now count down the days to another sports biopic: Sony Pictures is now producing a movie about Jesse Holley, the former security guard who...


Most Notorious NFL Free Agents Include Three Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Three Dallas Cowboys players are included on this list of  the 20 “most notorious” free agent signings, according to the brilliant minds at Fox Sports. Sounds pretty damning to Cowboys owner and general manager Jer...

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Racist Redskins Should Change Name

Jeff Prince
The Washington Redskins — a team us Cowboys fans love to hate — might finally be considering a name change. Why? Money, of course. The team wants a new stadium in Washington D.C., but they mayor doesn’t like t...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

Jeff Prince
The Cowboys quarterback has got mega-talent and puts up great stats. He’s a nice guy. You want him to win. You know he wants to win. You’re sure he’ll prevail eventually. But he just can’t finish. He cho...


Cowboys’ D: Trampled Under Foot

Yes, boneheaded plays and mistakes are killers. Missed game-winning field goals, unconscionably dumb penalties in crucial situations, interceptions –– they’re all horrible but do not exist in vacuums. You could even say t...