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An F-22 in flight. COURTESY OF ROB SHENK.

Romney, Lockheed Would Build More Jets That Choke Pilots

Andrew McLemore
Remember the F-22 Raptor? You’d be forgiven if you don’t, as the stealth fighter jet built by Lockheed Martin in the 1990s was a colossal failure by almost any measure. Not only did the F-22 cost upwards of $137 mil...

Construction of the F-35 in Lockheed's Fort Worth plant. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Fort Worth Builds F-16s For Iraqi Air Force… Yay!

Andrew McLemore
The Iraqi Air Force has some sweet new fighter jets built right here in Fort Worth, and boy are they excited about them. And why not? After spending a decade trying to shoot down American planes, the country’s air force w...


Locked In

Lockheed’s F-35 is on course to cost a trillion dollars — whether we need it or not.
The bold red letters –– ON STRIKE –– etched themselves into the dull grays of an overcast morning. The 20 striking employees of Lockheed Martin marched mostly in silence across Lockheed Boulevard, crossing each time the...

Who cares about Lockheed’s machinists? Not the Pentagon

A Star-Telegram story from yesterday quoted a defense consultant and Lockheed spokespersons as shrugging off concerns that striking machinists will have any impact on the production of F-35 jets, the most expensive — and ...