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Crystal Blue Persuasion

The prolific Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things take flight.
When Colin Arnold of the Dallas psychedelic duo Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things admits that his and ex-Fort Worthian Sean French’s band “lends itself to people in a certain state of mind,” he clearly means &...

The Burning Hotels

Caroline Collier
A maelstrom of cymbals and aggressive, feverish guitars, Novels sets a hectic pace from the get-go. A chaotic feeling pervades the 37 minutes and 11 songs, but an underlying mathematical genius rules. Every note complements eve...

The Scat Plan

Last Call
I really meant to go to bed early on Monday night. Or early-ish anyway. Since I had a jam planned at The Me-Thinks World Headquarters in Haltom City, I figured I’d play some music, float home on the better part of a six-p...

Fort Worth Sings, Co-Op Shows

As first reported on Blotch (“Fort Worth Sings for Haiti Gets First Bands,” Feb. 9, 2010), The Burning Hotels, Josh Weathers and The True+Endeavors, The Orbans, and two tribute bands — Me and My Monkey (The Be...

Road Warriors

Telegraph Canyon builds its rep by racking up the miles.
Put yourself in Telegraph Canyon’s shoes. Seven band- members drove a thousand miles from Fort Worth to Chicago to play a gig at the historic Park West Theater not long ago. The show went great. Made new fans. Earned mone...