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Choruses of Condemnation

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s a good web-exclusive video report by “Star-T” staffer Chris Kelly about the FW police raid on the Rainbow Lounge. Texas Stonewall Democrats are the latest to condemn the highly questionable actions of the police de...

Police: Rainbow Lounge Patrons Dry Humped Cops

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth police said this weekend’s arrests at the Rainbow Lounge occurred after two customers made “sexually explicit movements” toward police officers, and another customer grabbed a cop’s groin. Confused as to what...

Must Have Been The Uniforms

Jeff Prince
I visited a gay bar for the first time last summer and was surprised that nobody paid any attention to me. Fellow Weeklyteer Eric Griffey and I were writing a warped blog post called “Little Mikey’s Big Adventure” and we ...