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BO BICE AND SKYLAR ELISE (courtesy of Skylar's Facebook page)

(The Next) Taylor Swift To Debut CD Thursday In Fort Worth

Jeff Prince
A multimedia reporter who spent years in TV tipped Blotch to a major scoop — Skylar Elise, whom the news person hailed as “the next Taylor Swift,” is having her debut CD release party in Fort Worth tomorrow ni...


QLive! Presents Josh Johnson

Standup comedy is a dangerous art form, and not just for the standup comics who risk their necks by baring their souls at the mic. Audiences who give unknown comics a try run the serious risk of paying admission to be bored, an...

“Hold” at Four Day Weekend

Jimmy Fowler
North Texas director-actor-writer Frank Mosley has been busy the last year or so co-starring in other filmmakers’ projects and co-developing a web series. If you want to catch his most acclaimed work so far, take note: Hold &...