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Dirt For $1 Million

Jeff Prince
Ever smooshed with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison? Hanky-pankied with Sen. John Cornyn? If so, you could get $1 million for blabbing to Larry Flynt. The Hustler Magazine publisher is looking for political sex tales to expose, and he...

Rick Perry: “Oops”

Kristian Lin
You know you want it. Here it is. First reaction: Wah wah wah! Second reaction: Did anyone think Rick Perry’s presidential campaign would end in quite this way? Third reaction: Love the assist in Perry’s destruction...

Hutchison To Stay, Cows To Moo

Jimmy Fowler
The only thing surprising about Kay Bailey Hutchison’s announcement earlier today that she will serve out her Senate term was the brazenness of its explanations. Most people expected she would stay, because most people didnâ€...

Rick Perry Flexes Muscles In Poll

Jeff Prince
Looks like Nolan Ryan hitched his team to a rickety wagon. No…not the Texas Rangers. (Well, ok, the Texas Rangers too, but that’s a different story.) I’m talking about the Texas governor’s race. Ryan backed Fort Wor...

Lowlights of the GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Jimmy Fowler
What was up with that idiotic aw-shucks expression that Rick Perry wore during last night’s GOP gubernatorial primary debate? The raised eyebrows, the squinty eyes, the earnest grin-with-overbite: He looked like he was runnin...

Palin, Perry Two Peas In A Pod

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry is yapping about Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for his reelection. Makes sense donchaknow because political leaders in Alaska are just downhome folks with good moral fiber and strong Christian values donc...