Gov. Rick Perry is yapping about Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for his reelection.

Makes sense donchaknow because political leaders in Alaska are just downhome folks with good moral fiber and strong Christian values donchaknow, just like our own Gov. Good Hair.

Palin’s brain farts with Katie Couric and others made her look like a doofus on national TV, she exploited her children for publicity, lost the election for John McCain, saw her 15 minutes of fame flame out in 8 minutes’ time, squabbled like a spoiled adolescent with TV talk show host David Letterman, quit as Alaska’s governor, and now plans to campaign for Texas’ own version of Palin – the well-coiffed Gov. Perry.


Those two deserve each other and will probably doom each other, perhaps increasing Kay Bailey Hutcheson’s shot at knocking off an incumbent.

Not that Hutcheson’s any crown jewel. She and Perry are both professional (meaning long since co-opted) politicians dancing for the same band.

Anybody out there liking Kinky Friedman any better this time around?


  1. My buds and I were going to vote for Governor Perry anyway. Now we will vote for him twice! Sarah Palin’s endorsement, and knowing that idiot Commies like Jeff Prince are against him is all we need.

  2. Ditto Whiskey Flats Wildman,

    When Kinky Friedman is preferred to Rick Perry, let alone KBHutcheson its pretty apparent the depth of the individual. Not very. When the idea that Sarah Palin is more ridiculous than Kinky Friedman is thrown out there, the deal is sealed.

  3. Did I say Kinky Friedman is preferable to Rick Perry or Sarah Palin or KBH?


    I simply inquired if there was “anybody out there liking Kinky Friedman any better this time around?”

    However, I would rather have a boiled turnip running my state than Sarah Palin.

    As for Whiskey Flats McCarthy calling me an “idiot Commie” — I liked that.

  4. Due to his preference for a boiled turnip as governor of Texas, I must revise my characterization of Jeff Prince as an “idiot Commie”. Communists, or “Commies” as we dotingly call them here in Patriot Land, have a set of standards against which boiled turnips have never quite measured up. Therefore, “Commie” is out, but “idiot” still remains.

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder of Senator Joe McCarthy. A valiant conservative warrior, responsible for exposing and ridding the American government of many Soviet sympathizers before he fell victim to Leftist conspiracies.

  5. Palin’s awe-inspiring red-meat loaded speech at the Republican National Convention electrified us in a way we hadn’t been in many years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t who she was— who we desperately wanted her to be. She turned out to be largely a rambling doofus instead of a razor sharp, quick thinking political attack dog for our GOP. I knew Obama-Biden had won it in just a couple short weeks after her speech.