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New Poussin in Town

Big Ticket
Last week, the Kimbell Art Museum announced to great fanfare its $24 million acquisition of Nicolas Poussin’s “The Sacrament of Ordination.” In gratifyingly speedy fashion, the work goes on display this week.


Artspace 111
Artspace 111 has a show of photographs by Jill Johnson and Billy Stone up through the new year. The two photographers specialize in landscapes around the Southwest and humorous looks at local culture, though Stone’s picture o...

Parking Wars

When Fort Worth officials ordered up an 1,100-space parking garage near the Will Rogers Memorial Center, they decided it would be paid for via a $5 fee on all the parking lots surrounding the center, year-round. The city negoti...

Kimbell in Wall Street Journal

Anthony Mariani
The Wall Street Journal has reviewed the Kimbell Art Museum’s current exhibition, From the Private Collections of Texas: European Art, Ancient to Modern. WSJ critic Willard Spiegelman calls the show a “giant Christmas stock...

Michelangelo Glorifies Kimbell

We all know how important Michelangelo is. He painted a massive fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for, uh, Pete’s sake, sculpted totally buff nudes out of marble (who knew that 24 Fitnesses existed back then?), ...

TIME Mag Salutes Kimbell Art, Fort Worth

Anthony Mariani
In TIME magazine’s current Top-10 of everything from 2009 issue, the Kimbell’s Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons ranks as the seventh best art exhibit, according to TIME art critic Richard Lacayo. But Philip Haas’ f...

Fort Worth Film Heads to Venice

Anthony Mariani
A film short commissioned by the Kimbell Art Museum has been chosen to screen at the 66th annual Venice International Film Festival. Philip Haas’ “The Death of Pentheus” is part of Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons,...

We like Mike

Jimmy Fowler
Who’d have thought that two seemingly disparate camps – Renaissance art mavens and pop cultists who love purveyors of the grotesque like Frank Frazetta and Terry Gilliam – would have a reason to celebrate in Fort Worth? K...

Autos for Art’s Sake

Several weeks ago, the Frisbee players and sun-worshippers and dog-walkers who normally take advantage of the big lawn just west of the Kimbell Art Museum found their routines interrupted by two drilling rigs that, over three o...

Eagle-Eye View

Tarrant’s newest lakeside park is already a monument.
Jeff Prince
When the gates open to the public on Friday, Eagle Mountain Lake Park will represent many things beyond the obvious beauty of 400 pristine acres covered with wildflowers, cedars, oaks, mesquites, cactus, rocks, walking trails, ...