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Last Call

Days of Gore

My first experience at a Movie Tavern was in 2002, in Ridgmar, when I saw the original Resident Evil movie. As I recall, the Ridgmar Movie Tavern was the only movie theater where you could get drunk without having to hide somet...

Embargo is now the site of a weekly Monday night open-mic jamdown.

Open-Mics — and Minds — at Embargo

To my knowledge, I’ve played only one open-mic in my life, on a night when I was either 25 minutes or two shots away from being cross-eyed drunk. The jam ran for a long time, so it was probably like five minutes –– or inf...



The more I do these beer promos (the brand varies from week to week), the more I realize how everyone wants to appear refined. Few people care to admit their ignorance, so when some jolly doofus takes a sample of Sapporo Premiu...


Anthony’s Time to Shine

Fort Worth Weekly
I was in a friend’s wedding on Saturday, so I had the whole weekend off, since the rehearsal was on Friday evening and the ceremony/reception Saturday night. No shift to work, no show to play, just me and a bunch of people I ...


Upward to The Basement Bar

Last Call
Have you read the big (long-winded?) cover story yet (pg. 9)? Well, speaking of live music venues, have you been to The Basement Bar? Because it’s a pretty legit place for a show. I feel like it flies under Clubland’s radar...