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Star-Telegram Lays Off Watchdog Columnist Dave Lieber

Jeff Prince
Another round of layoffs at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram included this surprising pink slip — consumer watchdog columnist Dave Lieber is leaving the daily after 20 years. Lieber accepted the layoff with grace and his typi...

WOULD YOU LIKE A CIGARETTE WITH YOUR BLINDFOLD? (flickr photo by beatingtheinvincible18)

Different Lede, Same Nut Graf

Jeff Prince
The economy sucks and everybody has to take a week off without pay. I’ve paraphrased, but that’s how Fort Worth Star-Telegram Publisher Gary Wortel began a March 22, 2010 inner office memo to staff. Here’s the...


Top Editor, Movie Critic Among Latest Star-T Casualties

Jeff Prince
Another season, more layoffs. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reportedly laid off another dozen employees, most of them in the newsroom. This follows a downsizing trend that’s been going on for several years at the city̵...

Aggressive Realignment

Plop, plop. That’s the sound of heads being lopped. Fizz, fizz. That’s the sound of newly laid off journalists pouring cold beers into mugs to wash away their sorrows. Newspapers continue to cut costs — and lower the qual...

It Takes A Village in Keller To Say Hell To The No

Jeff Prince
It takes a village to raise a child — believe me, I know. I don’t have children but my biggest tax bill comes from the school district, so I’ve helped educate many other people’s snot-nosed darlings over...