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Bruno Mars, Chili Peppers Save Super Bore

Jeff Prince
The first play from scrimmage, which resulted in a safety and a two point lead for the Seattle Seahawks, made it clear that the Denver Broncos were about to get their tails kicked. The first commercial break, something about Ja...

Of Class, Crass, And Suffering Succotash

Jeff Prince
Joe Paterno erred by not being more proactive and chopping heads after hearing about alleged sexual abuse going on under his nose at Penn State. Now that the story has broken, at least he’s owned up to his shortcomings, e...

Mugly! Puts Mugshots In Spotlight

Jeff Prince
Deanna Boyd’s story in today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram tells us about Mugly!, a newspaper that features mugshots of people arrested in Fort Worth. Reminds me of a few other mugshots. The evil smirk on this young criminal&#...

Michael Jackson Bald, Spotted, Tiny, Still Dead

Jeff Prince
To anybody who thought Michael Jackson’s straight, flowing, silken locks were genuine – I have a sack full of Elephant Man bones I’m selling for $100 a pound. The Jackson autopsy report confirms the pop singer was balding...

A Horse With No Discernible Melody

Jeff Prince
The newly discovered, unreleased song by Michael Jackson, “A Place With No Name,” has surfaced in portion on YouTube. An online poll asked if listeners thought the song would be a hit, or if Jackson was old news, and more t...

Wacked-up Over Jacko

Jimmy Fowler
“Breaking News: Michael Jackson Still Weird and Still Dead!” CNN plays continuously throughout the day at my house as a kind of background noise. The amount of coverage being given to Jackson’s death is smothering, and I ...

So long Michael, Farrah…yawn

Jeff Prince
Two icons from my childhood are dead and I feel strangely unaffected. First, let’s discuss the one with the bad plastic surgery and bizarre behavior. Oh, I guess I should be more specific. Farrah Fawcett’s famous poster cam...