Deanna Boyd’s story in today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram tells us about Mugly!, a newspaper that features mugshots of people arrested in Fort Worth.

Reminds me of a few other mugshots.

The evil smirk on this young criminal’s face surely made his jailer’s blood run cold.

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One look in this woman’s eyes and you can tell she’s not sorry for what she’s done.

These people used their mugshot as an opportunity to make a statement – the coolest of the cool and the brave but bewildered.

Apparently, a former fashion photographer was working at the jail on the night this vicious criminal was hauled into the pokey.

Two of the most comically horrifying mugshots of all time belong to this actor and this singer. Oh wait, I forgot about this singer.

She was arrested in July of 2007 but didn’t make a very good mugshot. She went back in November 2007 and did a much better job.

Four most dreaded words in the jailhouse: “Meet your new cellmate.”