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“NYT” Confirms: Wendy Davis is a Gold Digger, Bad Mom

If you thought the New York Times magazine would do a better job of analyzing Wendy Davis’ political record and not judging her career vs. family choices, think again: Robert Draper’s cover article about Davis for the mag d...


Rule of Law: The Other Casualty

The recent New York Times article describing Barack Obama’s “Kill List” made for a bumpy read. It’s not your standard Norman Rockwell fare: the president and his picture-perfect family seated at dinner, heads bowed, rec...

New York Times Reveals Gas Drilling Hocus Pocus

Jeff Prince
The natural gas industry is compared to Enron and the dot.com bust, characterized as a Ponzi scheme, and said to be built on shaky economics in this well-researched New York Times article and this follow-up over the weekend. Th...

Red Light Cameras Promote Unsafe Driving

Jeff Prince
A recent article in The New York Times warned readers about speeding, saying police citations can increase your insurance payments by double digits. The story included the following nonsense: “So you might want to slow do...

NY Times Echoes FW Weekly

Jeff Prince
See, we at the Fort Worth Weekly aren’t the only ones worrying about the natural gas industry and the environmental shortcuts they take and the pollution and problems they cause. The New Y0rk Times, a major news voice of ...

“NYT” Hits the Fort

Jimmy Fowler
In case you’re curious what The New York Times would recommend about Fort Worth during the Super Bowl, the answer is – “the West 7th district.”

With Friends Like BP, Who Needs Serial Killers?

Jeff Prince
For weeks now, BP has been airing commercials featuring friendly employees looking into the camera oh so earnestly and talking about how they grew up in Louisiana and how their employer is going to restore the Gulf coast “...

Pipeline Baron’s $9 Billion Untaxed

Jeff Prince
The New York Times shares this story about a Texas guy who made billions by burying natural gas pipelines, and then died this year and avoided estates taxes because of the generosity of President George W. Bush and Congress. Th...

Texas Sheiks in the Times

Anthony Mariani
In a newish podcast, The New York Times interviews blues guitarist Geoff Muldaur, who discusses the Texas Sheiks, a traditional, old-timey blues super-group of sorts that several months ago put out an eponymous album (with cove...

TCU Player Featured in New York Times

Anthony Mariani
Here’s a relatively small, glowing NYT profile about TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes. The 6-foot-3-inch 257-lbs. senior is projected to be a first-round draft pick next year. Go, Frogs.