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Brian Bentley’s vehicle no longer fits legally in the driveway after the city poured a sidewalk. Jeff Prince

Paved Over Again

City-hired crews may have picked the wrong owner to spar with on property encroachments.
Brian Bentley has been sparring with Fort Worth officials for months over a mammoth elm tree that was cut down in his yard without permission (“Nightmare on Elm’s Street,” May 29, 2013). A city-contracted crew cut through...

Montgomery Plaza Tows 21 Cars

Anthony Mariani
On Friday and Saturday nights, 21 vehicles were towed from Montgomery Plaza in the bustling West 7th Street corridor for being illegally parked, a resumption of a policy that had been suspended in the wake of some controversial...

In Defense of Zim?

Last Call
The big news this week is the fate of The Moon and the evolution of the Ridglea Theater. When published a scathing editorial about city councilman W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman’s machinations in blocking the zoning ch...

Montgomery Plaza Towing Complaints

Anthony Mariani
Officer Ken Jacobs, the neighborhood police officer for the West 7th corridor and Cultural District, has a request. Anyone whose vehicle was towed away from Montgomery Plaza’s parking lot on the weekend of January 13 for ille...

Peace Talks in the Parking War

Paid parking may be the only solution to West 7th Street’s growing problem.
There’s no question the West 7th Street corridor is booming. The growth of the mixed-use entertainment-and-residential district has been a major factor in Fort Worth’s inner-city redevelopment over the past decade, since ci...

UPDATED Montgomery Plaza Parking Over the Weekend

Anthony Mariani
In the wake of a controversial towing spree two weekends ago at Montgomery Plaza in the West 7th Street corridor (“Wreckers Haul Away Dozens from Montgomery Plaza,” Blotch, Monday, Jan. 13), the massive entertainment/reside...

Montgomery Plaza’s New Parking Tact

Anthony Mariani
Dustan Goodell, president and CEO of Dallas-based Somerset Association Management, the company that runs Montgomery Plaza, said the actions over the weekend (“Wreckers Haul Away Dozens from Montgomery Plaza,” Blotch, Monday...

Zim: Still Anti-Ridglea Theater

For some reason, Fort Worth councilman W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman has thrown down another roadblock in front of Jerry Shults, owner of the historic Ridglea Theater complex. Even since Shults, owner of the Gas Pipe chain of smoke ...

Stop Digging

When staffers proposed three years ago that the city build a $30 million, 1,100-space parking garage near the Will Rogers Memorial Center, they emphasized that the area was in dire need of parking, especially on Saturdays when ...

The Sizzle on 7th

Fort Worth’s booming “urban village” has some not-so-hot zones.
A walk down Crockett Street in the West 7th development on a recent Saturday afternoon felt like a stroll through a ghost town. The area — full of apartments, bars, restaurants, and trendy shops — is designed for pedestrian...