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Whitney Paige Memorial at Rainbow Lounge

If you want to know why drag queens have been so important to the urban LGBT scene, you need only study the career of Whitney Paige, who died early this week of advanced pancreatic cancer. As a performer, activist, fundraiser, ...


Where the Bears Are …

(Hint: Here)
When you ask someone to imagine a gay man, images from TV and in movies have provided a pretty rigid stereotype: extremely appearance- and fashion-conscious, slender and gym-going, flamboyant, probably under 35 with an “artis...


Rainbow Lounge Documentary Screens

Notes from the Fort Worth premiere of Robert Camina’s film.
A great many things started on June 28, 2009, when Fort Worth police officers and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents conducted mass arrests at the Near Southside gay bar The Rainbow Lounge. One of them came to fruition ...

Rainbow Lounge Doc Update

Kristian Lin
This bit of news comes from Dallas filmmaker Robert Camina, whom we’ve profiled in our pages. His documentary Raid of the Rainbow Lounge will now feature narration read by Meredith Baxter, the former Family Ties star and ...

City Coughs Up Rainbow Cash

Jimmy Fowler
Bravo to city leaders for settling with Chad Gibson and George Armstrong for more than $400,000 in the wake of the historic Rainbow Lounge raid, although I’m not sure they had a choice. My colleague Jeff Prince missed the poi...

Rainbow Lounge Raid Leads To City Coffer Raid

Jeff Prince
Weekly staff writer Dan McGraw recently wrote about the Innocence Project and two wrongly convicted men who served long prison sentences because they wouldn’t accept plea bargains. Neither could force themselves to confes...

Mother Jones Sees Brown In Rainbow Lounge Story

Jeff Prince
The latest edition of Mother Jones spotlights the police raid on Rainbow Lounge, which has already faded in memory around these parts. The lead paragraph gives a pretty good impression of the writer’s thoughts on the raid: ...

TABC Fires Agents

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced today that it is terminating the two agents who participated in the Rainbow Lounge raid, as well as the supervisor above them. We don’t have the official press release yet...

Rainbow Lounge Backpedal Part II

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth’s top cop is still doing the Rainbow Lounge backpedal, which is refreshing since police are sometimes slow to admit any fault. This morning, Chief Jeff Halstead released a preliminary summary of the investigation i...

Observations on the TABC Report

                Having gone through the 32-page TABC report on their agents’ actions at the Rainbow Lounge, not much to report. The three agents did violate TABC policy, the report says, but these were for weari...