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Russell (center) is about more than touching your heart these days.

Sean Russell: Rabbit Redux

Some of the fine young members of Green River Ordinance still fondly recall the Acoustic Mafia. Featuring Brandin Lea (Jetta in the Ghost Tree, formerly Flickerstick) and Calhoun’s Tim Locke plus John Price and Collin Herring...


Killer or Filler?

Hey, Fort Worth. 2003 called. They want their singer-songwriters back.
Along with the return of Flickerstick frontman Brandin Lea, who’s fronting a new project, Jetta in the Ghost Tree (“Return of the Jetta,” Sept. 4), singer-songwriter John Price, who was once the biggest rock star in town ...

Sean Russell, The O’s to Tour Europe

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth indie-rock singer-songwriter Sean Russell and Dallas folk duo The O’s are about to embark on a European tour together. In an e-mail, Russell says he’s been dreaming about touring Europe since before he recorded h...

Backside Pick at “TNL”

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s edition of “Thursday Night Live” at Central Market (4651 W Frwy, FW) is a particularly funkalicious one: Denton’s nine-piece funk-jazz-R & B outfit Backside Pick owns the stage 7-9 pm. Americana singer-son...