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Let’s Go … Ravens?

My worst NFL nightmare has come true. Two of my least favorite teams –– the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers –– are headed to the Super Bowl, the Ravens after effectively neutering Tom Brady and his Pats, an...

Fort Worth, Pa.

As black and gold descend upon Fort Worth, a native Pittsburgher assesses the pluses — and minuses.
For the big Super Bowl matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, the AFC representatives, the Steelers, will be staying in Fort Worth, at the Omni Hotel-Fort Worth specifically, which means that we will be ...

Packers vs. Steelers: Statistically Speaking

Amid all the frenzy over Super Bowl XLV, true Dallas Cowboys fans haven’t lost sight of one painful fact: In the most important game yet to be played in that Arlington sports palace, the world will be watching the only two te...

Your Guide to 817 Nightlife

Drink specials and local music round out Super Bowl week in “Cowtown.”
You’ve got to laugh. Now that North Texas is veritably the center of the sports universe, Fort Worth has never seemed so, well, small compared to Big D. Just go online and check out some of the national headlines. The stories...

Welcome, Steelers (and Yinzers)

Anthony Mariani
That tremendous jolt in your crotch region? Don’t worry. It’s just that the Pittsburgh Steelers have arrived in Fort Worth and are ready to win an unprecedented seventh Super Bowl. The team landed a couple of hours ago but ...

Welcome to Fort Worth, Steeler Nation

Last Call
Well, no one threw me a party when I first came to Texas from Pittsburgh, but I’m not even a little upset that Fort Worth is going out of its way to welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers and Steeler Nation –– the AFC representa...