That tremendous jolt in your crotch region? Don’t worry. It’s just that the Pittsburgh Steelers have arrived in Fort Worth and are ready to win an unprecedented seventh Super Bowl. The team landed a couple of hours ago but won’t be making the media rounds until Wednesday. Though the team is practicing at TCU and some players will be making appearances on ESPN, broadcasting live from Sundance Square, don’t expect many autograph opps throughout the week. Not only do the Steelers want to maintain total control over their offensive and defensive scheming (on and off the field), they also want to maintain their collective game face. So … leave ’em alone. Go, Stillers!




  1. Ya know what I like best about the Steelers? They are from Pittsburgh, a city that has banned gas drilling. The new America’s Team, as far as I’m concerned. Push em back push em back waaaay back!

  2. Gumbands, iron, dejeet yet, no djew, Yinzer Nation is here. Pitt 84-88 the Steelers salad days unfortunately. This week will be awesome for all if we can avoid the weather issues, a good freeze will be enjoyed by Stiller fans in the FTW pubs.